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Acupuncture and MFR are often blended together to enhance patient outcomes, however every treatment is uniquely-tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.  The answers to common questions about individual treatments are detailed below.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Yes.  Disposable, pre-sterilised, hair-fine sterile needles are used and the clinic has been inspected and licenced by Calderdale Environmental Health Department for the specific practice of acupuncture.

What does acupuncture feel like?

This depends on the type of acupuncture treatment you receive.  Sensations can range from a gentle, dull-ache through to a mild radiating sensation within a muscle.  Most people find acupuncture to be a pleasant medical experience.  You will be consulted and informed during all stages of the treatment.  Your comfort and care are paramount.

What does MFR feel like?

Most patients report that during treatment they enter a deeply relaxed state.  This allows the ‘intuitive’ part of the brain to guide the body into positions that stretch restricted fascia.  Patients tend to welcome these stretches as they release tension and restore normal function.

What can I expect from the first treatment?

Your first treatment will usually last about 1 ½ hours and follow-up treatments will last around 1 hour.  There will be an initial consultation during which you will be asked questions about your main complaint as well as your general health, lifestyle and medical history.  You may also be examined for areas of muscular tension or pain.  Treatment will only begin when you are entirely comfortable with the treatment plan that has been discussed.

In order to receive treatment you will need to adjust or remove some clothing, however you can rest assured that your modesty will be protected at all times.

If your treatment includes acupuncture, the needles will generally be left in place for 20 minutes during which time you will be able to relax.  For some patients, a guided relaxation/meditation may be included at this stage of treatment.

Are there any after effects?

One of the advantages of acupuncture is that the incidence of adverse effects is substantially lower than that of many drugs or accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.  You may feel a little tired or sleepy and should take this into account if you are planning to drive or use heavy machinery straight after your treatment.  It is advisable to take it easy for a few days after the treatment and drink plenty of water.  Mild side-effects such as skin bruising or a slight flare up of symptoms can occur but generally settle quite quickly.

There can be unexpected positive after effects of treatment which are not obviously related to your main complaint, for example, you may find that treatment for irritable bowel syndrome improves your sleeping pattern.  However, no matter how good you feel after treatment, you should seek the advice of your GP or consultant before altering any prescribed medical treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Some conditions respond very quickly to acupuncture so you may feel the benefits after a couple of weekly treatments.  For more chronic or enduring conditions, you may need upwards of 4 treatments.  Once a condition has improved, the time between each treatment can be gradually extended until it has stabilised.  You may then choose to have occasional ‘top-up’ treatments to maintain your health improvements.

Will my insurance policy cover acupuncture treatment?

Many private health insurance companies approve treatment by British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) members.  Some insurers will allow you to self-refer whilst others need you to go through your GP or a consultant.  It is best to consult with your provider directly to find out if you can claim for your treatment.