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About Myofascial Release (MFR)

MFR is a safe and very effective hands-on therapy.  Gentle sustained pressure is applied to soft tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  During treatment, the therapist is informed by the energy waves generated by the client’s body as tensions are released.  This means that each treatment is entirely unique.

MFR therapy focuses on fascia which is a type of connective tissue that surrounds every muscle fibre, organ, bone, nerve and blood vessel in the body.  Fascia forms an uninterrupted 3-dimentionMFR therapyal web throughout the body providing form, cohesion, separation and support.

Physical trauma, repetitive strain, poor posture or inflammation can cause fascia to solidify and shorten.  Restrictions such as these drag on the 3-dimentional fascial web like a snag in a jumper, pulling the body out of alignment and predisposing it to further injury.  The result is often pain and dysfunction which may or may not be at the site of the original injury.

Blood vessels and nerves can become trapped within fascial restrictions leading to ischemic or neurological conditions.  At a cellular level, fascial restrictions compromise the body’s ability to nourish, defend and repair itself.

The Mind-Body Connection

Fascia contains many sensory neural structures that continuously feedback the status and position of the body to the mind.  The mind therefore ‘knows’ where the body is restricted and out of alignment.  As fascial restrictions are released during treatment, the patient may tap into this subconscious knowledge and find that their body begins to spontaneously move and unwind.  Unwinding can be a very profound experience which allows the patient to heal at a very deep and sometimes emotional level.

To learn more about Myofascial Release, you can visit Myofascial Release UK.